Hes actually my friend

I loved Dayne and the family. I loved Clyde putting the creepy Nayna on his arse.

‘The boy and his dad’ is actual genius. Part Roald Dahl, soap, porn and grim Brothers Grimm, mixed to a heady, wonderful brew.

I want more. Nayna‘s done a good job filming the series, who knows, if he’s lucky a little of Dayne’s honesty, charm and originality might rub off on him. Hope so.

Thanks for liking it! 🙂

A lot of people said Mike is creepy but everyone who is handsom and cool likes him a lot so maybe they are just jealous. Mike also helped me a lot fix ITS ME MANDELA and helped make THE BOY AND HIS DAD really good. Even though Clyde pushed him they are friends now and everyong in my family said that Mike is one of the Rathbones even though Luke always calls him a good black.